Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Countdown to Sunday's Presentation

As we begin the countdown to Sunday, Chris has been working on yet another revision to the script, and I have been adding the list of characters and the audition music pieces to the Rehearsal page of the website.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More news from Cornwall

We've just had an email from the Festivals and Events co-ordinator for Visit Cornwall saying that she is very keen to include the cast of Olympus in the Olympic Torch Relay activities and that she will be in touch

Monday, 29 August 2011

It's all happening in Cornwall

We've just had a couple of positive emails from Cornwall - we wrote to Malcolm Bell, head of Visit Cornwall , the official Cornish Tourist Board, offering our services in their planning for publicising the successful delivery of the Olympic torch through Cornwall and had a very positive response.

Similarly Philip Jackson Theatre Manager of the Minack emailed us confirming that the 4 performances in Cornwall are likely to be Thursday evening, Friday evening and Saturday matinee and evening. Also the tickets will start to go on sale in October

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Journey continues

When making any journey it is advisable, I'm told, to know where you are  starting from - so here is where we are starting from with the Olympus project

Olympus the Musical has been written (and revised a number of times) by Chris Chambers and Ian Rae.
The musical tells the story of a young British Olympic athlete who on the eve of the London Olympic Games is hit by a thunderbolt, and hurled back to 780BC in ancient Greece where the first Olympic Games are about to be held. There he is caught up in a story which is a cross between Romeo and Juliet, Life on Mars and Clash of the Titans.
The musical will be produced by local Croydon Amateur Dramatic Society - Good Company
It has been accepted by the Royal Shakespeare Company as one of their Open Stages Projects.
It will have its world premier in May 2012 in Croydon - venue still being finalised.
It will then be staged at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall on the weekend of 17th -19th May 2012 the weekend the Olympic flame arrives in Cornwall.
We already have a brilliant production team consisting a number of very experienced individuals from a number of amateur dramatic societies in the Croydon area
We see it as a community project for Croydon to celebrate the London Olympics bringing together the best of the amateur drama world and schoolchildren from Croydon schools
On Sunday there will be a presentation of the musical for anyone interested in being involved - for more details please visit

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Olympus - The Musical - The Start of The Journey

This describes the process, challenges trials and tribulations of creating, producing and staging a major new musical which will have its world premier in May 2012 in Croydon and at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall. The blog will no doubt document the highs and low, and the pressures of staging a new musical as we get closer to the date of the production