Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Journey continues

When making any journey it is advisable, I'm told, to know where you are  starting from - so here is where we are starting from with the Olympus project

Olympus the Musical has been written (and revised a number of times) by Chris Chambers and Ian Rae.
The musical tells the story of a young British Olympic athlete who on the eve of the London Olympic Games is hit by a thunderbolt, and hurled back to 780BC in ancient Greece where the first Olympic Games are about to be held. There he is caught up in a story which is a cross between Romeo and Juliet, Life on Mars and Clash of the Titans.
The musical will be produced by local Croydon Amateur Dramatic Society - Good Company
It has been accepted by the Royal Shakespeare Company as one of their Open Stages Projects.
It will have its world premier in May 2012 in Croydon - venue still being finalised.
It will then be staged at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall on the weekend of 17th -19th May 2012 the weekend the Olympic flame arrives in Cornwall.
We already have a brilliant production team consisting a number of very experienced individuals from a number of amateur dramatic societies in the Croydon area
We see it as a community project for Croydon to celebrate the London Olympics bringing together the best of the amateur drama world and schoolchildren from Croydon schools
On Sunday there will be a presentation of the musical for anyone interested in being involved - for more details please visit

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