Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Background to the Story

Having flown about twelve thousand miles over the past few days, I've had lots of time to reminisce about the background to Olympus. It all started nearly twenty years ago when I foolishly agreed to play the piano for twelve hours for charity as my contribution to the first National Music Day - 28th June 1992. I needed to have something special to finish off the session, and having recently been to watch Les Miserables decided to write my own musical.

With a degree in Classics it seemed a good idea to set it in ancient Greece and also thanks to my admiration for West Side Story, use Romeo and Juliet as the main theme of the story - and of course the idea of using the Greek Gods to to be an intrinsic part of the story was very appealing. During the spring of 1992 the songs and words just seemed to flow out  of me, and very soon I had close to twenty songs which would make up the majority of the story, and the original characters were beginning to come to life in my head.............(to be continued)

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