Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Current Trend in Musicals

How do you publicise a new unknown musical when the current trend is to write musicals that people recognise from their name? But it wasn't always the case. Just imagine a conversation  as 2 young writers pitch their show to a musical theatre producer in the 21st century.

Hiram Come in boys - Oscar, Richard take a seat and tell me of your great ideas.

Oscar Thanks for seeing us - we have this idea of a wartime show, where a Frenchman falls  in love with a young American nurse, and a young GI falls in love with a native girl.   We're calling it "South Pacific"

Hiram Wartime story.........South Pacific....How many times must I tell you boys. Nowadays  A musical must be self explanatory within its name, or at least be a story everyone knows before  they see the show - how else will they know whether they like it or not?
Richard  But won't that stifle the originality of the show?

Hiram We're talking musical theatre here boys - originality? - enough said

Oscar So I guess you won't like our idea about feuding cowboys and farmers? It's called Oklahoma

Richard With an exclamation mark!

Hiram Oklahoma, with or without the exclamation mark is a no no. Who'd remember it as a  name one year from now. You might as well call it.....let me see.........Chicago

Richard Carousel any use?

Hiram Carousel - car to sell - it's meaningless to the audience

Oscar The Sound of.......

Hiram Can you see yourselves out boys?

(They get to the door and Oscar turns around)

Oscar My young protegee Stephen has been working on something - West Side Story?

Hiram  Shut the door behind you boys!

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