Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Original Olympus - The Lovers

In the original version of Olympus, the Romeo and Juliet characters were Peleus, a young Spartan Prince, who after years of training was attempting to win the wrestling contest at the games, and Thetis a young Athenian girl, whose father Cadmos was organising the games. Part of the sub plot was the fact the the Athenians, who should have been noble and charitable, were in fact self obsessed and were using the games to further their own ambitions, and the Spartans who were expected to be rough and uncouth were in fact honourable and kind.

The name Thetis came from a young, beautiful sea nymph in Greek mythology. The name Peleus came from a minor Greek hero, who was the father of Achilles. His brother was called Telamon, who, within Olympus, became  Telemon, the brother of Thetis.

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